Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Fantastic Contest Prize

Jenig has a fantastic contest that will make one winner a very happy person. I know just the place that it would be great for.

Rosetta Stone has been the #1 foreign language curriculum among homeschoolers for a while -- next week they are unleashing a brand new curriculum, and you can WIN the *all new* Rosetta Stone Homeschool Version 3… FOR FREE!

This is a $219 program (and believe me it's worth every penny!) and the winner gets to pick from any of these 14 languages: Spanish (Spain or Latin America), English (American or British), Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Irish, Hebrew, or Russian.

This will also include a headset with microphone, and students will participate in lifelike conversations and actually produce language to advance through the program. Rosetta Stone still incorporates listening, reading and writing as well, in addition to speaking. Many homeschoolers requested grammar and vocabulary exercises, and with Rosetta Stone Homeschool Version 3, they're included! For parents, the new Parent Administrative Tools are integrated into the program and allow parents to easily enroll students in any of 12 predetermined lesson plans, monitor student progress, and view and print reports.

To win this most excellent program -- in the language of your choice -- copy these (blue) paragraphs and post it in (or as) your next blog post -- then to enter the contest, go to the original contest page HERE: and leave a comment with the link showing where you blogged about it. And please make sure the link works to get back to the original contest page when you post it. And good luck! The winner will be picked randomly on March 26, and will be notified thru the link they left to their blog pg. And if you have more than one blog, you can post them and enter those separately for more chances to win. Yay for free stuff!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Eggs 2008 9th Post

These are two of my favorite eggs of this year. The gold farm scene was chosen by one of our granddaughters. The one with roses I get to keep! I hope you have each had a very blessed Easter day with your loved ones. Our two sons were here with their families. It was a wonderful day of fellowship and enjoyment of being together.

Hosanna to The Lord

May each of you have a blessed Easter day remembering the occasion for which we celebrate this day - the greatest day ever! "...He is risen, just as He said." Matthew 24:6

Friday, March 21, 2008

Easter Eggs 2008 8th Post

It is time to double up on posting the eggs. This egg has lots of enamel dots on it. Here is a top view and a side view.

Here is my second to post for today.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Easter Eggs 2008 7th Post

Here is the top and side view of pink violets. I am going to ohave to post 2 times a day to get them all posted by Easter. Then I will post the portrait that I painted the last of February so "stay tuned."

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Easter Eggs 2008 6th Post

Here are 2 eggs painted in the Dresden style. The side view is almost the same on each so I just showed one of them.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Easter Eggs 2008 5th Post

I have a group of 5 who come to paint with me regularly on Monday. Spring break is this week so 2 were not here because of the wonderful opportunity to spend this time with grandchildren. The other 3 were here and we had a wonderful time painting. I hopefully finished the last Easter egg for this year. I also worked on my picture of American goldfinches. They are beginning to get a personality and looking good.
About 5 years ago I painted a bowl with blackberries and blue berries. Just one more thing needs to be done on it and I can call it completed. I got several small bowls to paint matching it. I had started on them so today I worked on 5 of them. They are close to being completed. That is always a good feeling to know that a project is finished.
This egg is decorated with raised enamel. Both ends are decorated with the same star shape design.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Easter Eggs 2008 4th Post

The middle of March is already lhere. I MUST get busy on our taxes. Procrastination is very easy when it comes to working on this task. Friday, I noticed the Bradford Pear trees were budded out quite a bit. Today, they look like they are in full bloom almost. I love this time of the year. Plants begin to come to life, lovely colora are all around us. It is a picturesque reminder of the resurrection of our dear Lord Jesus Christ and of the resurrection into our new life in Him.

Saturday, March 15, 2008


Hi. Welcome to my blog and thank you for coming to visit me. I am looking forward to getting to know you.
(Scroll down for later additions. See a picture of the porcelain egg (#33) given by KarenW )
My name is Dixie. I have been married for 48 years. My husband Charles spent 22 1/2 years in the US Navy. And then he worked the next 17 years for Tennessee Valley Authority. That brought us to Alabama where we have been since 1984 - the longest we have ever lived in one place.
My main hobby is china painting. I have been blessed to be able to take seminars from a wide variety of wonderful teachers.
I never dreamed that I could paint portraits. Here is the first one I painted om 2006. I named her Elaine as that is my teacher's name for that portrait plus the middle name for me. our daughter, and her daughter.

This is going to be an exciting week. Enjoy the party!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Other China Painting

I have been posting pictures of some of my china painting pieces on my former blog. You can see them at thechinapainter. I am currently working on some birds which I am doing for a competition piece in one of the china painting guilds I belong to. This is not from a study but from a photograph so it is taking quite a bit of effort to do.
I hope you are enjoying yourself at the blog party. I am enjoying meeting so many of you. Thanks for coming to my party and for your kind compliments.
This is another egg I painted for 2008.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Easter Eggs 2008

If I am to post this year's Easter Eggs I have painted before Easter, I must get started. Here is a picture of the Porcelain Egg to be given by Karen W.
I hope you are having a great time at the party this year.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

You are Invitet to The Ultimate Blog Party

There is an Ultimate Blog Party going on March 7-14 at 5 Minutes for Mom. There will be lots of prizes but best of all, you will meet lots of bloggers and make new friends. Check out my daughter's blog and see what she is bringing to the party.
Just click on the link above or the invitation button on the right side bar. Come join in the fun!
Here is another Porcelain Easter egg I painted last year - top view and side view.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Time Marches On

March 1 already? How can that be? Where did January and February go? With an extra day this year, time still has passed very quickly.
I just finished a 5 day workshop painting a portrait on porcelain. It was a very good time of learning about the fine details of painting portraits. The first 2 days, we painted 9 am to 5:30 pm. The 3rd day, we painted until 6 pm. Day 4 was less intense but we still painted until 5 pm and on day 5, we finished by 3 pm. Yes, all of this was on one piece.
Our instructor is a great teacher. Visit her website and see some of the beautiful portraits she has painted. Marci is the one we painted in this workshop. I will post a picture of it in about a week, so stay tuned.
Here is another of last year's Easter Eggs, top view followed by a side view. The white dots along the border are raised enamel.