Monday, March 17, 2008

Easter Eggs 2008 5th Post

I have a group of 5 who come to paint with me regularly on Monday. Spring break is this week so 2 were not here because of the wonderful opportunity to spend this time with grandchildren. The other 3 were here and we had a wonderful time painting. I hopefully finished the last Easter egg for this year. I also worked on my picture of American goldfinches. They are beginning to get a personality and looking good.
About 5 years ago I painted a bowl with blackberries and blue berries. Just one more thing needs to be done on it and I can call it completed. I got several small bowls to paint matching it. I had started on them so today I worked on 5 of them. They are close to being completed. That is always a good feeling to know that a project is finished.
This egg is decorated with raised enamel. Both ends are decorated with the same star shape design.

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