Sunday, January 11, 2009

Knee Surgery

I typed a long entry and then lost it before I got it posted. I know. I should have saved as a draft before I went looking for something else. Will try again but shorten it this time.
I am scheduled for a complete knee replacement on January 14. I have never had a lot of pain in it but it is just "plain ole" worn out. When it suddenly goes down a little (I fortunately have never fallen as a result) or suddenly you cannot put any weight on it for a short time because of pain, then you know it is time for the surgery.
I am preregistered and have done several things that I wanted to accomplish before the surgery. Still have a little more to do. The date may have to be changed. Saturday at noon, I started getting a sore throat followed by sinus congestion. I will go to the medical doctor tomorrow to see what he has to say and if he has a "miracle" for a quick recovery for me.
This is an abstract of trees/mountains that I painted last year in my beginning to learn watercolors.

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KarenW said...

Wow! That's in two more days. Praying for you!!