Monday, September 8, 2008

Confident In a Mother's Love

We are currently in PA. It is a long-g-g-g drive across TN, VA, a little section of WV and MD into PA!!! We had a beautiful day for the drive and this is a beautiful part of our wonderful USA.
Tomorrow we will go to Gettysburg. After that, we will continue northward to Wilkes Barre for the reunion of the USS Ft. Snelling, the first ship my husband served on.
I hope it did not take too long for this picture to download. I was most anxious to post this. I love it! Look at the love of this mother and the serene confidence of the baby as the mother "kisses" it. See that tongue embracing her baby? The tongue of the adult is 27 inches long.
This I painted on a 12X16 inch porcelain tile.

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Mitzi said...

Hey Dixie,
wow what beautiful work you do. I had no idea!!
It is so good to hear from you. Write me anytime. I love it!!!
Mitzi Oaks