Monday, January 12, 2009

A Miracle?

In the last post, I said I was going to the medical doctor and see if he had a miracle for me. He looked at my chart - symptoms and surgery schedule - and then he looked at me and said, "You need a miracle."
He talked with the anesthetist who thought that as I am having a spinal anesthesia, I would be ok for the surgery by Wednesday morning. I am to check in and the anesthetist will check me to see if I am cleared enough for the surgery.
I got an injection of the strongest antibiotic/steroid and prescriptions for the Z-Pack (antibiotic), decongestant, and cough syrup with codeine. My husband went to get those filled and I am waiting for the codeine. :-) I hope it will make me sleepy so I can rest for a while.
The antibiotic is very hard on the stomach and good bacteria so the diet will be lots of liquids plus yogurt, cottage cheese, and/or buttermilk. Fortunately, I like all of those things.
My next post may not be until after the surgery.
This a soup tureen and ladle that I gave as a gift.


KarenW said...

Well, I've already seen one miracle today - two blog entries from you in less than 24 hours! Anything can happen!! : )

Valerie G said...

I found your blog and recognized some pieces that have been featured at CAZ, wondered if I knew you but couldn't find your name anywhere in the blog. Did I miss it???
will pray for your health and family,
Valerie George
Newark, Delaware

KarenW said...

I just dropped in to let you know I've given you a double-award. Please come by & grab them when you get a chance.

Navy5577 said...

Dixie is in Rehab after knee replacement surgery. she has no internet there. So please pray that she continues to improve and get home soon.
You may send her a card by going to and click on Gideon Expressions
Mail to Dixie Anderson
1113 Trenton Drive SW
Decatur, AL 35603 and I will take it to her. Thanks